Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Flying Hair

A speed painting.... Started out as a 30 minutes "Spitpaint" for the Facebook page.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Large and Fluffy


 Armadillo Train

 Collecting the Bounty

 The Evil Teacher

Holly Grail

Leaving the nest

 Mysthical Rock

Thor's Hammer (was made by the Dwarves)

encombered Adventurer

Elf Brute

Wolf Den

Black Widow Clan

Bubble ship

Ogre Cat

Cavemen new land

Cold Breath

Crystal Glade

Empty Graveyard

Escape Prisoner

Fire Emblem

Furred beast of the ocean

Gentlemne's Duel

Inside the treasure chamber

Mermaid Queen

Ninja Rope

Rise of Dark Power

Samurai Cat

Scrying Bowl

Tyrant of empty land

Toying with prey

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Tyrex in acrylic

Travelling through a Wormhole, was the theme for today "daily sketching workout"

I started sketching random ideas with a pencil, but nothing came. So I decided to sketch with acrylic.
I used a sponge brush and painted a yellowish background colour.

Then I took a really messy and damaged brush and made undistinctive shapes, randomly...

Then a Tyranosaurus Rex appeared in the mid-ground...

From then on it was  a race to try and capture the vision before it vanished...

I used three brushes and acrylic paint.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Spitpaints, part18

Red Dawn

Dragon bone bow

Wise old tree

Chariot in clouds

Fighting giant tentacules

Forest witch

Frontier salesman


Snowy rooftops

Pool table brawl

Sons of Odin

New Stranger in town

Master and his minions


Speeding carriage

Steampunk motorbike


The Purple Cat

Thor the odd Pirate

Poisoned fruit tree

Under land Scavanger

Walk in Park

When the lights went out