Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tutorial 2

As the image became more detailed, the creature looked like it was too close to the characters. I added those trees in front of it, and got rid of its leg.
And still I was struggling with the lady...till the end!

Tutorial 1

I should have taken an earlier image than this first one. It would have shone a badly painted green canvas. As you can see I moved the characters a lot. The hardest one was the woman.

Giant Gorilla!

I wanted to paint something serious, you know like a sunflower or a beautiful sunset. But then I thought naaaa...Maybe I'll just paint a giant gorilla and a guy with a Tommy gun instead. Ah, and there's his girlfriend going : " Mon dieu un gorille géant!!! ( she is French you see)".
So there it is. It's done in acrylic, on a roughly 50cm x 60cm canvas. I've only worked on it in the evenings, to relax after a 10 hours doing digital paintings for Weta workshop.
Please look at the tutorial next so you'll know how to avoid doing this kind of thing.