Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Samiha's Song cover

This is the cover for Samiha's Song, second installment of my wife's trilogy " Chronicles of the tree".

I had to make this one as different from the first image as I could, while still keeping it in the "family". The brief was to do the scene where Samiha stands on the top of the damaged dome and sings to the people, calling them to the temple.

It was very tempting to design a cool building and have Samiha facing us. But I thought it might be better to be more "suggestive"and view the whole scene from behind her, as you can see on the black and white rough. This angle would allow me to be less precise with her features so as to leave the imagination to the readers.

The architecture of the town also had to be different from Argos and had to reflect the hierarchy of the city with the rich people buildings on the right, and the shantytown of the poor living in tents on the left.

The only thing I didn't see coming was the fact that the title would end up right where the sun is!

There's a few mistakes here and there in the final image, but I'll just pretend I made them on purpose.