Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Giant Gorilla!

I wanted to paint something serious, you know like a sunflower or a beautiful sunset. But then I thought naaaa...Maybe I'll just paint a giant gorilla and a guy with a Tommy gun instead. Ah, and there's his girlfriend going : " Mon dieu un gorille géant!!! ( she is French you see)".
So there it is. It's done in acrylic, on a roughly 50cm x 60cm canvas. I've only worked on it in the evenings, to relax after a 10 hours doing digital paintings for Weta workshop.
Please look at the tutorial next so you'll know how to avoid doing this kind of thing.


  1. French... really? Personally, i thought she was an Inuit in disguise. Of course, she doesn't fool me! I see that bit of seal blubber she's hiding in her pocket....

  2. Damn it, Noboby can fool Melanie!

    Thanks Gregorz!

  3. !wesome bro, good to rest your eyes from the radioactive glare of a monitor.
    Your eye still work well after a 10hr blast