Sunday, March 30, 2014

30 mins "spitpaint" exercises, part deux

                                                            Dual wielding swordsmen


                                                                    Golden Maiden

                                                                   Gardian of treasure

                                                                         Ice Dragon

                                                                       The White Marsh

Massive Worms

Space Boar

                                                                          Wrath of Zeus

Demon door

                                                                     Winter soldier


  1. Glor-i-ous, Frank. You are like a fine Whiskey, getting better with age. What barrel have you been sitting in to achieve this tastiness? I wanna snuggle in there too.

  2. Thank you peeps!!! Whi... whiz..key you sa...say? Hi ! Hi ! Hic!!

  3. Hey I wanted to know if there a way i could buy or use an image because i really like the warth of zeus ... It's perfect for my maybe youtube channel of course if you want to communicate with me so we can talk about it just email me at !! Ill be glad to show your awesome art maybe we can colaborate together ... I maybe have something pretty awesome for those arts