Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hippie Girl


  1. Hi Mr. Victoria,
    I came across your blog while looking for artwork to use for a new music album I'm making. I really enjoy your variations of the Wendigo picture and would love to use it as a cover. What is the best way to talk to you about using it or a similar piece? My email is Thank you!


    1. Hi Alex,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      I just have a question to ask: Are you making money with your music?

      Kind regards,


    2. This album will be my first through a label, so it will be bought by fans (though how much will come back to me, I don't know). What sort of usage fee/payment for your work is typical?

    3. If you just want to use the right for one of my image for your cover, it will be quite cheap (£ 100 GB). If you want a commission it will be more...

    4. Just the usage right would be perfect. The album is about Algonquin legends, including the Wendigo, Shingebiss, etc. What is the next step for paying you for the image?

    5. I just need to get you an invoice and an aggrement for the use of the image. Sorry I've been very busy, I'll get on to that as soon as I can.