Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Spit Paint part 34

Pack Leader

A Knight of the Round Table

Attack from above

Blood Brothers

Chain Gang

Demon Overseer

The Gold Room

Ice Skating

Lava Sea

Peace Pipe

Suburban Terror

The Foreigner


Rope Bridge


  1. Hey, I like your style, want to talk to you about possibly doing some artwork for a card game but I can't find any way to contact you on the site. I don't want to put my email directly on the site but you can find a contact email for me on the website I left the comment under. Hope to hear from you! -Matt

    1. Hello Matt,

      Thanks for the kind words.
      I'm fairly busy with freelance work at the moment (as well as my University teaching), but I would love to do some card work at some point. I couldn't find your e-mail.