Sunday, October 24, 2010

The making of "GAS ATTACK"

Hi folks, here's a sneak preview of one of my paintings for the "White cloud Worlds" book.

This one is called "Gas Attack", it is part of a concept I called: "War of the Woods".
The idea for it came a few years ago as I was walking in the streets of Nancy, a city in the French region of Lorraine. The first world war still permeates the whole landscape over there. You know how it is when your mind wonders about ...What a strange building... Hey look a pretty girl... and then... hundreds of angry Dwarves wearing strange helmets and gas masks appear!
I ran home and did the sketch that you see at the top. Then I forgot about it for a year or two.

Later I thought it'd be fun to do a more finalized painting from that crude rough.
The image in the middle was taken by my wife as I was painting it. The books in the background are all real, and barely any of them is a Playboy magazine.

The last image is the final painting.
It is really sad to think that the real world influences the parallel world of the fairies in such a dramatic way, but there it is! Who knows what they're up to these days...


  1. I like everything about this post Frank!

  2. Choice seeing the original sketch that inspired the final piece :D
    Think it is those parallel connections that make your work stand out much more bol!

  3. Cool mate! Please pop it up on the WCW blogsite, I should have post ready soon as well. :)

  4. I love htis painting (and the alternative WW1 concept behind it). Sort of like Rien Poortvliet's 'Gnomes' books on steroids!

    This would make a great range of miniatures for gamers!